Saturday, January 27, 2018

Open Letter to my family

Abortion, Cocaine, Freemasonry, Dissent from the Magisterium, and faith in the Eucharist (salvation from God).

It is irrational not to believe in God. Thus, all of those who accuse me of being mad and irrational, because I believe I have seen God in the Eucharist, should better take a closer look to their very own beliefs.

Do not look at errors in the eye of your siblings, rather look at you own error.

Is he worthy of being locked up in a mental institution, 51-50, because he believes in God? 

Are his beliefs reason enough to lock him up?

In Mexico that way it used to be. I remember Dr. Balderrama. He would give you pills so that we would loose your faith, and convince us that the only way in which he would let you go, is if we would believe Jesus was a mad man. Then, and only then he’ll let us go. Otherwise, 51-50. 

Yes, you can lock someone up because of their faith in Mexico. I saw it in my family. Faith in Christ was scorned and discriminated against. 

We come from abortion practitioner families. That is precisely why we would be threatened to be called mad man worthy of 51-50’s. They threatened us, and continue to do so by falsely accusing us of crimes we have not committed, because of our faith in Jesus Christ. They scorned our faith and wanted us diminished. They wanted our credibility brought down to nothing.

I also asume that the cocaine business that some of them are engaged in is also a reason why they want us silenced and locked up.

I come from that place. That is my family, abortionists and cocaine suppliers. Heck, I even lost my faith in God, altogether. I only had what I had, no more fairytales. Faith was considered a fairytale and nonsense, because according to them, it brings unpleasant guilt. 

I lost my faith gradually, it was like taking the layers out of an onion. I was in literally in Hell. Nonetheless, the Lord did not let me rest there in Hell for long. He came to my rescue a Day I had foreseen in a dream. All of the suden, the Day of the planetary conjunction, Jupiter, Venus and Mars in 1991, I said unto them as in the Dream: “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” and revealed was I that the Logos became flesh, and bread. 

I returned, I went to Confession and to the Eucharist, thanks to the Sacrament of Confirmation; for even if we are not faithful to our promises, the Lord is faithful. He does not lie. He saves us from Hell. 

And what is Hell, but to loose your faith in him, to forget him.

That is life. There is hope, even for those that have lost their faith and hate us because we believe that we are saved. I pray for my family. They could as well believe, let them say to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit, “blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.” 

In this nation, USA, we have constitutional guarantees to believe. I am Pro Life, I renounce to be Culture of Death. I encourage all to let everyone believe what they want, without been threatened with taking ones liberty, or being locked up because of our beliefs.

The punishment to someone trying to deprive another of their beliefs by means of threats of incarceration, should be deemed a criminal act. It goes against our right to believe. 

I also believe that being a Freemason excommunicates me from God, because the Church says it is a mortal sin. I have also spoken clearly about this subject to the Knights of Columbus, when we found freemasonry has infiltrated the Knights, the Church, to the extent that, long story short, one priest died because of his rebellion against the Magisterium. Such a scandal! The Holy Spirit took him when Bishop Armando Xavier came to Merced. 

I remember how the priest father Piro shouted in October 2003, after Mass, that he would not subject himself to the Teaching Office of the Church. Soon after I saw how a 10 foot angel stroke his back as he was celebrating the Funeral Mass of “Red,” my ex aunt. And it wasn’t my imagination, for the week after he had a kidney collapse and was on dialysis and in a wheel chair. 

Abortion, Cocaine, Freemasonry and Dissent from the Magisterium have been issues that have brought tremendous contingencies and struggle. I am just a witness. I have been persecuted, brought to tribunals, and as the Lord promised, the Holy Spirit has come to my Defense in powerful ways. 

I am not ashamed to confess Jesus Christ as God incarnate, the Eucharist as Emmanuel, God amongst us. That is my duty in life, to spread through the rooftops what I have heard in whispers. 

God is my friend. He came to my encounter and rescue. He shared with me, and still shares many things, as any friend would do. He is good and wants to rescue us from Hell. Hell is to be an atheist. Atheism is the loneliest place there is, for in atheism only materialism exists. There is nothing but a perishable life that ends. 

I want to give hope to my family, because there is indeed life after death. And death does not happen after you die. As a matter of fact, you can be dead and still be here on Earth, for that is precisely what atheism is. 

So, go to confession. Never go to the Eucharist without knowing who you are approaching, God himself. You don’t want to loose your faith as i did. For the most important thing there is in this planet is the Eucharist, life Eternal.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Have mercy on my family. Let them fall of their horse, to realize they hurt themselves far more persecuting us, than what they hurt the Church. Saint Paul, intercede for them. I consecrate all of them to the Immaculate, so that they believe, so that they may come out of Hell.

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. Amen. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy 2018 birthday

Another one everyone seems to have forgotten: Christmas a New Year are connected. As it turns out, Jesus Christ was born 2018 years ago (as according to the Gregorian Calendar without a 4 year adjustment). Hence therefore, when the World celebrates New Years, in this case 2018, the reality is that we are celebrating the 2018 birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ, Baby Jesus.

Some 2018 years ago the Kingdom of Jesus Christ was established on planet Earth. However, Protestants do not really know it. Actually, they do not like to connect the two festivities; because that would imply that the Catholic and Apostolic and Only One Church of Christ was established as the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth (Protestants are still waiting for the coming of the Messiah, as well as Muslims wait for the 12th Imam). However, the reality is that God has been ruling the Earth for 2018 years, Emmanuel, God amongst us in the Eucharist.

Now we finally know how to preach the Gospel of Eternity with four numbers: 2018. For indeed, every time we sign a document and put the date, we remember the birth of our savior.

I may add as a reminder that we, Christians, are his only Church. We have been placed on Earth by God as his Time Keepers, Guardians of Time. Our mission is to remind everyone that Jesus was born 2018 years ago, he died, he resurrected, and he will come again in Glory to judge the living and the death. We are also reminded that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church; thus we will keep reminding this date until the day he comes in Glory, which is the Second Coming, the End of the World (Earth and this Universe, that is).

Feliz 2018 cumpleaños 

Otra que se les ha olvidado a todos: Navidad y Año Nuevo están conectados. Resulta que Jesús nació hace 2018 años (según el calendario gregoriano sin ajuste de 4 años). Por lo tanto, cuando en el mundo celebran el año nuevo, en este caso el 2018, en realidad celebramos el 2018 cumpleaños del niño Dios, Jesús. 

Hace 2018 años el Reinado de Cristo fue establecido en el planeta tierra. Los protestantes no lo saben y, de hecho, no les gusta, pues implica que la Iglesia Católica y Apostólica es la representante del Reinado Milenial de Cristo en la Tierra: Dios con nosotros, en medio de nosotros, Emmanuel, Eucaristía. 

Ahora ya sabemos cómo se predica el Evangelio de la Eternidad con 4 números: 2018. Pues en efecto, cada que firmamos un documento, y ponemos la fecha, recordamos el nacimiento de nuestro salvador. 

Y os recuerdo, que nosotros los cristianos, su única iglesia, somos los que hemos sido puestos por Dios como relojeros universales, guardianes del tiempo. Nuestra misión es recordar a todos que Jesús nació hace 2018 años, murió, resucitó, y vendrá de nuevo. En tanto en cuanto que las puertas del infierno no prevalecerán contra la Iglesia, seguiremos recordando esta fecha hasta que el venga en Gloria, a Juzgar a vivos y muertos.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Apocalypse or not?

So, Mass Media is so thirsty for ratings, competing against internet; that they are going X Files. 

It’s like a total marketing scheme. Gosh! They are making the news, with high tech drones and laser effects.

Or, is it the truth, and are being invaded by aliens and they do not want to alarm us.

After all, so many times they cried wolf; would people believe them even if it were the truth...

To ponder the evidence is, to consider all possibilities. Are we being invaded by aliens for ages? Are we just not aware? Is it a plot? Is it real? Are we being manipulated?

Let’s go to the source of truth. What does truth say. Says in the latter days you shall see many signs in the skies (heavens) and the other skies. Open your eyes and see. Ask your self a question. Will there be faith when the Son of Men returns in Glory? Will we identify the signs as prophecies fulfilled before our very eyes; or will we dismiss them as they did 2018 years ago.

Interesting meditation, wouldn’t you say?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

It wasn’t the Russians, but the pro-life

Stop blaming the Russians for Hilary’s defeat. Something else was the hottest topic and American divide; it was pro-life America.

Since Americans were shown the images of aborted babies, thanks to priests for life; the vote had been casted. Many prayers accompany those horrific images. 

America is divided by one single issue that took precedence before all else: the life of babies inside their mother’s wombs. (First question of the last presidential debate)

It wasn’t the Russians who gave Trump the victory, it was Pro-Life America. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Merry 2018 birthday of Christ (aka Christmas)!

Merry Christmas 2018


Said the wise, "vanity of vanities, everything is running after the wind, pure vanity", and taught us that within us there is an insatiable appetite, which seeks that unattainable pleasure.

Thus, the wise man said, that of all the things that exist on earth, only two give pleasure, all the rest neither satisfies nor fills:

1. The satisfaction of finishing a work,

2. and to eat.

I remember years ago when I was very enthusiastic about achieving perfection: I wanted to have the best audio equipment, in a way that equated reality. I wanted technology to match reality. And that's how I started a hobby. However, the cutting-edge technology I was looking for was extremely expensive. I was looking for that perfection, and even there, in the most sublime, technology could not be like reality —It was another reality. It was vanity of vanities, running after the wind, and to never find that unattainable pleasure of which our soul is thirsty of.

Now, then, the wise man also said other words to us. "From this Earth, those two things are those that give us the most satisfaction. However, there is another thing, which is not of the Earth, which offers that satisfaction that our soul seeks; and that is the only one that can truly satisfy the soul: the Will of God "

The Will of God, which is the one pleasure found in those words that say: "Thy will be done, and not mine, on earth, as in heaven, in our lives", or, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be done unto me, as according to thy Will/Word"

Well, what more could the soul wish for, than to take refuge in its creator, and to be at his side every day of its life ...

That is the thirst that is not satiated by anything in this world, because it craves more than this world can offer, because inside is such a great void, that only he who has no beginning or end, infinite, can He only fill. That substance is the Will of God, His Word, that we be with him, in him, in the infinite of eternity, forever. And therefore, that is why it says, that He has placed the infinite in the very deepest part of our being. There is a very special place, which he has reserved for his only Son, his throne in our heart.

You will tell me, "and who is he?"

He is the one who obeys the Father, until death, and death of Cross. He is very brave, like none. He trust fully in our Father, he obeys, as a responsible son. Jesus, the one who we will be 2018 years old very soon. Soon and very soon we will celebrate 2018 years since the birth of Christ in the non adjusted Gregorian Calendar; the Kings Calendar who rules the Earth as a Lamb: poor, humble and servant. The Lamb of God. 

Merry Christmas 2018!

Long Live our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Feliz Navidad 2018

Feliz Navidad 2018

La Vanidad.

Decía el sabio, “vanidad de vanidades, todo es correr tras el viento, pura vanidad”, y nos enseñó que dentro de nosotros hay un apetito insaciable, que busca ese placer tan inalcanzable.

Así, el sabio decía, que de todas las cosas que existen en la tierra, solo dos dan placer, todo lo demás ni sacia, ni llena: 

1. La satisfacción al acabar una obra,

2. y comer.

Recuerdo años atrás cuando estaba muy entusiasmado con alcanzar la perfección: quería tener el mejor equipo de audio, de tal forma que simulase la realidad. Deseaba que la tecnología igualase a la realidad. Y fue así como comencé un hobby. No obstante, aquella tecnología puntera que buscaba era de un altísimo coste. Yo buscaba esa perfección, y aún ahí en lo más sublime, la tecnología no podía ser como la realidad; era otra realidad. Era vanidad de vanidades, correr tras el viento, y nunca encontrar ese placer inalcanzable del cual nuestra alma tiene sed.

Ahora pues, también nos dijo el sabio otras palabras. “De la tierra, esas dos cosas son las que más satisfacción nos dan. No obstante, hay otra cosa, que no es de la tierra, la cual ofrece aquella satisfacción que busca nuestra alma; y es aquella la única que puede en verdad saciar el alma: la voluntad de Dios”

La voluntad de Dios, la cual es ese placer que se encuentra en aquellas palabras que dicen: “hágase tu voluntad, y no la mía, en la tierra, como en el cielo, en nuestras vidas”, o, “he aquí la esclava del Señor, hágase en mi según tu palabra”.

Pues, qué cosa más podría desear el alma, que acogerse en un abraso a su creador, y estar a su lado todos los días de su vida...

Esa es la sed que no es saciada por nada de este mundo, pues anhela más que este mundo, pues dentro es un vacío tan grande, que solo aquel que no tiene principio ni fin, infinito, solo puede él llenar. Esa sustancia es la voluntad de Dios, que estemos con él, en él, en el infinito de la eternidad. Y por tanto, es por eso que dice, que El ha puesto el infinito en lo más profundo de nuestro ser. Ese es un lugar muy especial, que él ha reservado para su único Hijo, su trono en nuestro corazón. 

Tú me dirás, “y quién es él?”

El es aquel que obedece al Padre, hasta la muerte, y muerte de Cruz. Es muy valiente, como ninguno. Confía plenamente en su Padre, obedece, como hijo responsable. Jesús, aquel que va a cumplir 2018 años dentro de poco.

Feliz Navidad 2018!

Viva nuestro salvador!