Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Prison inside the Soul

Holding grudges is equivalent to being the Bank. Tons of people owe you! 

Does it make you feel rich with rencor, or miserable like the grinch? 

This Xmas is a good time to settle accounts and start all over again. Jesus offers his Blood in payment for all the debts owed to you. 

Would you accept his ransom to pay for the debts owed to you? 

It’s time to let go. Those that owe you, will never be able to pay their debts. You may hold so much money in debt, but what’s the use? The only thing debt gives you, is an imaginary prison where you keep the debts of all who have hurt you. Memories of pain and suffering which have transformed into a prison within, where you keep all those souls that have hurt you. The guards are called rencor, and they guard your debtors in inner prisons within you. 

Does it make you rich to have so many debtors imprison within your soul? Or does it make you a miserable warden, a banker of debt?

Would you like your soul to be a prison? Would you like to be a warden? Would you like to be the Bank and hold debt notes? Does it really make you rich to hold the debt of so many? 

Wouldn’t it be wiser to accept payment for all the sins committed against you, and close the prison inside the Castle of your soul? 

Jesus is willing to take their place inside your jail. He will be the only prisoner in your inner prison, but you have to let go of all those that have offended you. He’ll be the ransom paid for all those who owe you. 

Do you accept Christ Jesus as the ransom for all the debts you hold against your brothers and sisters? Is his payment enough to ransom all the prisoners within the prison in your heart?

Yes, I do. 

Not only do I commute the sentence, but give full pardon to all in exchange to have Jesus inside the prison of my soul. He’ll be their ransom and payment. He’ll be my prisoner forever, and I will never let him go. I rather have Jesus in the prison of my soul, than all the prisoners I’ve had. 

At last, my prison will be inhabited by someone who will bring joy and satisfaction to the justice I so much desired. Every time I feel hurt, I will go down to my prison, and see him there, in the Cross, suffering inside the prison of my soul.

Alas, I found the only prisoner who was able to pay for their ransom. He has not only satisfied the ransom, but paid more abundantly than I could imagine for all the debts owed to me.

I no longer want to be a warden in charge of a jail filled with debtors that are never able to satisfy the debt they owe. I rather have only Jesus instead. 

Jesus, thank you for being the only prisoner inside the dungeon of my soul. Thank you for descending into this horrendous prison inside of me, and for paying the debt owed to me by my brothers and sisters. I feel such a relief letting them go in exchange for you. Now, this prison of mine, no longer is dark and dry. Instead, your presence has brought a Christmas Spirit to that place within my soul which was always dark, with lamentation and sorrow. Now, the prison of my soul is filled with light, a very bright light. 

Now I come to realize I was the prisoner, and you are my warden; a kind and loving warden, who only wanted what was best for me. 

I am free within the dungeon of my soul, and I will make of this prison the place where I like to hang out. You have made this room in my soul the most beautiful room inside this castle within we call our soul. I will remain by your side, imprisoned in the Most Holy Tabernacle, because you have made yourself Poor, Humble and Servant, in order to live within me. Thank you, you are the best prisoner of my soul. I will never let you go, even though I know you must suffer dearly inside the prison of my soul.

Thank you for your payment. Thank you for your ransom. Thank you for setting me free. I do not want to be a Banker and hold so much debt. I forgive them all in exchange for you.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Atheist Delusion is an excellent film.

The atheist delusion 

An excellent movie. Presented argumentatively in a very rational way and appealing to common-sense. Must watch! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

We live Apocalyptic times, 2018 years, thus far. 

In the know zone

It’s amazing. Just as Prophet Daniel describes. People will no longer worship gold, silver, bronce or Iron. For indeed, the feet of the statue are made of iron mixed with mud (Petrol); hence the Petrodollar. The one world currency depicted by John, the Apostle, in Revelation, the Mark of the Beast. 

It appears subliminal neurolinguistic programming has been fully applied. Nabuco has brainwashed the kingdom... but, there a stone cut/thrown without hand to destroy the kingdom of Nabuco.

Times are near, just as predicted by the Logos, Incarnate, made Bread of Heaven, Eucharist. 

I wonder what would it be that stone thrown/cut without hand heading toward us. 

The day the hour, only the Father knows; but, let us not be hypocritical, for we can read the seasons and tell wether it would, or not, rain. 

It seems so much that our passage through the Book of Revelation positions us at a certain series of events. 

I’m convinced more than ever, that he does not lie. We can see inside that open prophetic book and see our temporal positioning in the chronology of events taking place in cycles of sevens. Events which confirm the Day of the Lord; after which, he will give us a New Earth, in which from Heaven we descend in our vessel, the New Jerusalem. All things consummated in his eternal Amen to his will. Praise Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Persecuted Truth

Sharia Laws are starting to grow like bad weed in Europe. It’s so sad they forgot the past 1,300 years of history. They forgot how dangerous Islamic Ideology is, so barbaric. In fact, so compulsory into submission of thought, regarding one’s own beliefs as blasphemy, if those thoughts are not what Sharia Law says. Punishable by death, the ultimate form of censorship. 

Come about I think, and it’s all about censorship. The objective, to remove the right we have to speak our minds in favor or against certain ideas. We have a right to speak, and our right to voice our opinion should not be restrained only to the official elections. We have a right to express ourselves, and there should not be any compulsory belief allowed to rule the nation. That’s what the constitution says. We do not live in a state of ideological censorship, but in a free society. 

Islam means submission by force. 

Ideological Relativism means submission by stupidity; or the ruling of idiotic ideas. 

Austria just gave its constitutional right to defend itself from the doctrines of the False Prophet based upon the claim than emotions are more important than reason and historical facts. 

We live in a society driven by emotions instead of the truth. If fear dominates reason, terrorism has already won. A Culture of Death, a Culture of Fear is barbaric. 

Truth means science, truth means facts. Are we to believe that which has no scientific proof behind, archeological and historical facts should be wiped from memory, not allowing us to talk because the truth offends those that believe in lies?

Are we living amongst vampires that dread the light of truth, reason, science, history, archeology, and all evidence of the past, and present? Should we be subdued to the caprice of a nagging voice that refuses dialogue, truth, reason, scientific evidence, history, archeology?

Abortion is a crime.

Stating there are more than two sexes is a lie.

Sharia Law is censorship of Christian beliefs, and any other belief other than Islam.

You have to wonder why a book exists whose intent is to destroy all evidence of our history, as well as knowledge of the truth in all fields: sciences, history, archeology, geology, history, astronomy, archeology, and the Bible. 

We investigate and read all. We explain that which is unreal, from that which is real, namely the Word of God which is evident, such as only two sexes, as written in the Book of Genesis and demonstrated genetically thousands of years later. 

God said he created two sexes, man and woman. Whether we accept or not the truth, is irrelevant. Because the truth gives evidence of itself. Biology and genetics shows us unequivocally that there are to sexes. To deny that fact is non sense, unless you are making up a virtual imaginary book. The only truth, of which all truth emanates, is the word of God. Yes, the God of the Bible, Jesus: Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Logos, Incarnate, Eucharistic Bread. One God, Jesus. 

He is the Truth, he is the Ruler, he is our humble servant and poor friend, made Bread, to be amongst us. God, amongst us, Emanuel. 

Amen, married to Mary Immaculate, a Jewish woman, Virgin, whom the Creator of all chose as his wife; the only mother of the only Son of God; for he is one. His name is Jesus, and the Eucharist is proof absolute that He is God, amongst us!


So, go to confesiĆ³n, and go and receive the friendship our friend brings us. The Weddings of the Lamb of God. The Eucharist, Jesus!

He is the whole truth, nothing but the truth, have mercy on us, God. We receive you in our humble dueling. Unworthy of your presence is our body, but enter to our humble house, Bread of Heaven, flesh and blood of Christ, God, Holy Spirit, enter in to my life. Make of this humble dwelling your presence within us, Mana from heaven, Holy Spirit, enter within me. Your presence within us bring the Heaven where you dwell. Your presence within us feels like heaven within us. That place where you dwell, oh Lord, this humble body of ours, glorified by the fact that Your Most Holy Presence, Holy Spirit, dwells within us. Indeed, by virtue of your word deposited in us, you have called us gods. Because you gave us your Word, made flesh, made bread, living within us. 

It is you alone my soul desires and quenches for. I like to eat your body, I need your flesh made bread, your Logos incarnate, your Eucharist. I fear non but you, oh my Lord and God, the only one I fear. Thus, I let you wash my feet, before coming to your Eucharist. So we dwell together, just you and your friendship. Thank you for being friends, Lord. Thank you for those wonderful alone moments before your presence, oh Lord Jesus, Baby Jesus with Mary, always mama is there with you. And she is so indescribably sweet. 

Remember that the Kingdom of God belongs to children, so, regard God friend as a child, and so her mom, wife and daughter. After all, he is only one, his name is Jesus. 

What is the Truth? 

Jesus is the Truth, the Word of God made flesh, made bread for us to Eat. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Amen. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Wars are won in the minds of people

I do not attack Muslims, I attack the ideology of Islam. 

I don’t talk against persons, but against evil ideologies which use assassination and fear as a means to convey ideas. 

I do not attack Muslims, I attack the ideology of Islam and Sharia Law because I consider it barbaric. Cutting hands, marrying little girls, crucifying and decapitating blasphemers, as happens in Islamic ran States, is barbaric. 

Abortion is even more barbaric, and I criticize the decision of the Superior Tribunal in the US.

Here in America we have a right to disagree, to vote to a different idea than others. No matter if anyone gets upset. We have a right to disagree and vote for a candidate, or an idea different than others. However, in America, if you commit violence at someone because of their vote, or beliefs, you commit a crime. We do not criminalize a difference of opinions, we consider it healthy.

In Islamic ran Nations is different. You can not debate or question even your own beliefs, or those of the state/religious conglomerate, and change your mind. They call that blasphemy and apostasy. State punishment is death, unless you are loaded, of course. 

The World and Islam are two very different places. Islam is doing what we stopped doing 2018 years ago when Jesus came. 

Jesus said to those that wanted to stone the adulterous woman, that whomever had no sin, ought to throw the first stone. From the elder to the young, they all left. 

Jesus said to the woman:

Where are those condemning you? Well, neither I. Go and sin no more.

As you may have acknowledged by intuition, you may have noticed how Christianity has transformed the world we live in. As a matter of fact, the US is the last nation amongst Christian Nations, that still allows death penalty (with exception of abortions).

Think. If the origins of Freemasonry are in Islam, and if the agenda of Freemasonry is abortion and the destruction of society; then therefore, Islam is behind abortions in the non Islamic nations and destruction of families in non Islamic run States and nations. (They have plans to expand, by the way).

Then read all the wars that have taken place in the world after the Ottomans (Islamic Empire) signed a peace truce in 1909. 

It appears to me clearly that they broke the piece truce a long time ago by allying themselves with Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and the US president in Yalta. The Royals of Britain set the encounter with the Saudi Monarchy. What came of it? What are the effects?

The Anglican minister, Pope of Protestantism, Sir Malthus, foresaw in his overpopulation essay the killing of millions in the 1800’s. What about today? 

One fifth of the population assassinated in the wombs of their mothers, willingly, as if they were going to take a Joyous Shower of cleansing, hypnotized as zombies by an Orwellian Government.

Remember, wars might be fought in the battlefields, but are most certainly won in the minds of people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Generation Zombie 

It ain’t fake. There’s a generation of zombies. 

 There is a new generation of people, fruit of the heavy brainwash of Television and Mass Media. Their system of values is unrecognizable. It would appear as if they are zombies on a killing spree. Most people in this Orwellian generation, filled with relativistic ideas, are convinced that freedom and emancipation consists in killing children in the womb. 

What can you really expect of this new generation? They have converted fully into a Culture of Death, worship of self, consumption, love of money as god, fear of government and a deep belief and immersion in a purely material world where there is no god or eternity. 

We call them the manifestation of the Son of Rebellion against God, and anything that worships other than self. It’s pure nihilism, materialism, pragmatism, relativism and death. 

It’s perhaps one of the worst global generations that the Earth has experienced. All are dumbfounded believing stupidities, such as more than two sexes, which has been biologically and scientifically proven. However, the generation of today, is hypnotized to believe that there are more than two sexes, pure nonsense. 

They appear to be zombies, blinded and in an irrational state, due to the extreme lack of education. 

They remind me of the movie idiocracy, which depicts the downfall of a civilization. 

Well, even though it all appears so dark, it gladdens me to know that not everyone has been “domesticated,” or subliminally brainwashed by neurolinguistic behavioral and cognitive programming, as we say using big words. 

So, maybe those of us that see, could help deprogram those that are captive by the spell of their captors. 

We need to speak out and bring light and education to so many stupid ideas that have obfuscated the minds of so many. 

So, awoken one, to you I speak. Help me! Help me awaken those that sleep.

Apaxim, World@eVolution