Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trinary Matrix Chips

Have you heard of the AC 6V semiconductors? I hear they use trinary, instead of binary processors. So, instead of + one, zero; they have minus 1, zero and plus 1. Yes, trinary, instead of binary processors and semiconductors. Fast, heck a fast, with a trinary Matrix, of course. Cool, isn’t it!

Apaxim, World@eVolution

Free Energy for all. 

We can all tap into the Flux, as Tesla said, Free Energy, all around us: the Force. Free, from God, to all. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

God’s Gold

What is God's gold refined in fire, which truly makes us rich?

His word, his promises. For once they are put through the test in our lives, confirmed in our heart, remain forever engraved in our very being, just like the wounds of Jesus. 


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pray for your enemies, consecrate them to the Immaculate

Is the blood and flesh payment, that Jesus offered in the Cross, enough to pay for the sins of those that have offended you?

Not to forgive our brother is equivalent to not believing in the redemptive value of the blood and flesh of Jesus for their sins; hence, our own sins. 

If we don’t forgive, we don’t believe in Jesus. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Because the truth offends us

Crucify the Truth, crucify the truth, shouted the crowd.

But why, said Pilate, should i crucify the truth?

Because it offends us, shouted the crowd back.

Does it sound familiar?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Awakening to our written history


bynary system, sun & Planet X 

So, it is indeed the probable truth.


Evidence found in the transients (celestial moving objects in close proximity to the solar system. Monitoring transients in the would be binary solar system neighborhood. Citizen scientists discovered a massive star with an Black X in its midst; half blackhole. Spooky stuff!



Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy 2018 birthday

Another one everyone seems to have forgotten: Christmas a New Year are connected. As it turns out, Jesus Christ was born 2018 years ago (as according to the Gregorian Calendar without a 4 year adjustment). Hence therefore, when the World celebrates New Years, in this case 2018, the reality is that we are celebrating the 2018 birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ, Baby Jesus.

Some 2018 years ago the Kingdom of Jesus Christ was established on planet Earth. However, Protestants do not really know it. Actually, they do not like to connect the two festivities; because that would imply that the Catholic and Apostolic and Only One Church of Christ was established as the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth (Protestants are still waiting for the coming of the Messiah, as well as Muslims wait for the 12th Imam). However, the reality is that God has been ruling the Earth for 2018 years, Emmanuel, God amongst us in the Eucharist.

Now we finally know how to preach the Gospel of Eternity with four numbers: 2018. For indeed, every time we sign a document and put the date, we remember the birth of our savior.

I may add as a reminder that we, Christians, are his only Church. We have been placed on Earth by God as his Time Keepers, Guardians of Time. Our mission is to remind everyone that Jesus was born 2018 years ago, he died, he resurrected, and he will come again in Glory to judge the living and the death. We are also reminded that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church; thus we will keep reminding this date until the day he comes in Glory, which is the Second Coming, the End of the World (Earth and this Universe, that is).

Feliz 2018 cumpleaños 

Otra que se les ha olvidado a todos: Navidad y Año Nuevo están conectados. Resulta que Jesús nació hace 2018 años (según el calendario gregoriano sin ajuste de 4 años). Por lo tanto, cuando en el mundo celebran el año nuevo, en este caso el 2018, en realidad celebramos el 2018 cumpleaños del niño Dios, Jesús. 

Hace 2018 años el Reinado de Cristo fue establecido en el planeta tierra. Los protestantes no lo saben y, de hecho, no les gusta, pues implica que la Iglesia Católica y Apostólica es la representante del Reinado Milenial de Cristo en la Tierra: Dios con nosotros, en medio de nosotros, Emmanuel, Eucaristía. 

Ahora ya sabemos cómo se predica el Evangelio de la Eternidad con 4 números: 2018. Pues en efecto, cada que firmamos un documento, y ponemos la fecha, recordamos el nacimiento de nuestro salvador. 

Y os recuerdo, que nosotros los cristianos, su única iglesia, somos los que hemos sido puestos por Dios como relojeros universales, guardianes del tiempo. Nuestra misión es recordar a todos que Jesús nació hace 2018 años, murió, resucitó, y vendrá de nuevo. En tanto en cuanto que las puertas del infierno no prevalecerán contra la Iglesia, seguiremos recordando esta fecha hasta que el venga en Gloria, a Juzgar a vivos y muertos.