Saturday, September 16, 2017

Prayer of Deliverance from spiritual death

A prayer to help scape those in the dungeon of spiritual death. 

Lord, have mercy on those poor little souls that have been trapped by lies, and find their bodies possessed by an evil spirit who seeks power due to its arrogance; it lies kills and destroys.

Inside, there is a soul that wants to be freed from that interior prison. They have lied so much they do not even recognize what that evil spirit has done to their human persona. It seems that this obscene and perverse monster controls their mouth, like a puppet. Their body has become a vehicle of evil spirits and they are trapped inside their bodies. They want to come out to the light so there are no more lies, so they stop acting and living a charade. However, the evil monster inside, the one that grew inside of them for having lied and not repented, has grown strong, so strong. That inner monster that controls their mouth and body does not let them come out to the light and be children of God in light, truth, love. 

Please father, dad, have mercy on them and deliver them from that horrible dragon, so obscene and arrogant. Have mercy and let them escape. Have mercy for your immaculate conception in the womb of Mary, our mom. Mary, please tell Jesus to have mercy and deliver those that live a life trapped by secret lies. Let them be free! We pray: Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, hosanna, reveal yourself to us, most compassionate Lord Jesus Christ!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I have to help, cannot stand still anymore 

Investment opportunities, don't you see? Mexico represents investment opportunities, to make empire grow. Think Big, America. Once was the talk.

Those were the days, but not any more, so it seems. How foolish, don't you think? He's made a fool of himself!

The emperor is naked!!!

Cocaine King rules no more. The king of Latin American investment corporation, the Company, or CIA, rules no more. 

Back then Cocaine played mayor roles in economies subverted to violence in Latin America by investments of the covert empire from which JFK warned us. 

There were trade agreements at the highest instances, too covert for those to know the inner tracks and elements of the plot. Cocaine was the trade money for weapons and dollars.

Nevertheless, we can understand the narrative of the imperials, the Darths and Sith Lords. 

We also know about the Force, the Cause, the Logos, the rational electromagnetic spectrum tuned vibrations, from which the universe came to be. Tesla talk. We know about the Angels, as well, and our beloved dad, God. 

Violence in Colombia has ended; no more the evil empire rules through death.

Glory to God, aleluya!

What happened back then was for covert agreements of cooperation, or contracts to kill, as the mobsters used to call them. It's a society of covert assasines with mad aspirations. 

Back then they wanted us, now that there is no cocaine at state level gouvernsmental agreements for weapons and dollars, and death, cocaine and abortion; they want us out. 

The emperor is naked. The secret society John F Kennedy warned os about has been exposed; its rule ended in Colombia! 

Glory to God, alleluia! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Nuclear war seems mild 

Intergalactic Police coming to our solar system: Eclipse, hurricanes, earthquakes, major solar storm, Yellowstone 600,000 year mark, tons of mega alien ships, and still we are killing unborn children by the hundreds of millions (1,400,000,000). One third the population of Earth.

Can you imagine what they think about us? A civilization about to discover interstellar gates, with possibilities of exporting wars and genocide throughout the Cosmos.

I honestly think they are about to stop us in our track, with a very definitive blow that will wipe the planet out of existence. 

Jesus, you warned us about it, and we lift our heads up high awaiting for your salvation. I hope we manage to endure what lies ahead. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Most Important News

The most important message any human should know. 

The Shroud of Turin.

I showed it to my mom, she said naively, that TV should show it all over the world. 

I replied to her that the World was under siege by a group that wants Christ, his ancestors, and his followers, eradicated from the face of the Earth, so that no human is aware Jesus is God made flesh amongst us, the Lamb of God prophesied by the Liturgy of Moses in the dessert. Yet, we are still announcing the message of Christ 2017 years after his birth. 

They will not be able to resist the Gospel of Eternity, for it will be preached until the End of Times. The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church, even if TV does not want to talk about Jesus; which, by the way, matters so much to us living as Citizens of the Year 2017 of the Kingdom of the Messiah. 2018 birthday of Jesus we are about to celebrate! 

I wonder why they hide the truth? 

Are they frightened to loose their imaginary titles of pretending to be gods? 

Why so much fear to the Christian message by some? 

What are they hiding?

Here, for you to see with your own eyes Christ, the Lamb of God, dead, for our salvation: 

The Shroud of Turin.

The most important message any human should now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

An act of war!

I am at awe. I cannot believe China is actually poisoning the populations of the world, but the evidence in this video shows the contrary. 

North Korea is the tipping point. There is going to be a nuclear war. 

China committed an atrocious act of war against the world. They are poisoning the food supply, and corporations throughout the world are in on it.

I am amazed! 

They will kill this video fast!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Intifada is a terrorist organization because it violently forbids others to express their opinion; a constitutional right, a God given right, freedom. 

Antifa is frightened of reasonable arguments, precisely because intifada has no reasonable arguments. That is why it resources to violence to silence. 

The objective of that violence is to intimidate those who have reasonable, logical and convincing arguments. Antifa wants to promote a toxic violent movement, with the hopes of legislating silence. 

Antifa wants to silence the voices of those who oppose Sharia Law. 

Antifa is not the only Islamic organization in our midst who wants to destroy the narrative of Christianity and Judaism (aka the West, or Citizens of the Year 2017.)

Be not mistaken, Antifa is endorsed by Islam, which hides behind religion the true political face of Islam. 

Political Submission of the world is its only true face. For in reality, it is an organization that spreads hatred and violence towards those that do not SUBMIT to their beliefs: their beliefs are the Quran. 

Why wouldn't, after all, Islam means submission, intelectual submission to a book called the Quran. The name of the movement itself tells you what it is: Submission. The Quran says that about its teachings. It calls its belief Submission, which translated means Islam. 

Islam: No right to question its pages, or to put to the test of reason its teachings. 

What do they teach that is so scandalous? They teach that god lies, kills, and wants its followers to do the same, in order to bring all the world to Submission, as the very word Islam means, submission. 

But the Quran says beautiful things, like the Old and New Testament say, you may argue (if you haven't studied the Quran). 

It does indeed. But there is a reason, the same reason why Satan used the scriptures to tempt Jesus. He wanted to bring Jesus to Submission, to Islam, to worship him. Jesus resisted him and he left him. The Jews also resisted him in Mecca, the Jewish dwelling; and Mohamed decapitated 700 Jews. The Christian resisted him in Jerusalem, and the followers of the False Prophet erected a Dome and fought Jews and Christian. It was but until the 1900's when Jerusalem, Jewish and Christian inheritance, was delivered, so we could go and worship freely the Holy City of Jerusalem. The fought us in the desert, as Satan fought Christ. 

Now a days we have Mohamed, and all the Islamic organizations amongst us, who was inspired by Satan, wanting to make us submit to the Quran. They want us to get rid of the Constitution of our Land in order to make room to the visitors, lest the be offended by our "intolerance." An example of Sharia Law occupation was Spain from year 711 until year 1492. 

Simply put: they want to claim discrimination against them if we dare criticize the ideology of Islam. But, we are citizens of the West, or as we call ourselves, of Year 2017. We believe Christ is King and we live in his birthday. We understand that they are being misguided by a "Jim Jones" to commit suicide, because they are a Cult. We pray for them hoping they will have an opportunity to read the Gospels, and get to know the God that does not kill the adulterous woman. 

It's not the fault of our poor Muslims brothers that they were brainwashed by a toxic ideology of World Domination by Submission, Sword, lies, and Death. 

We believe Jesus, our God, does not lie, nor kill. He does not kill the adulterous woman, or innocent children. 

We have two very different narratives of who God is. And we know that the period of Earth we are currently living is the so-called, Linguistic Wars, Ideological Wars. Wars, which by the way, started when Mohamed started killing in the 600's and ended in the beginnings of the 20th Century. 

However, the peace treaty did not last, and once Islam acquired the immense power of oil, the Caliphates of the Islamic States were reborn. They not only fight with swords, but with the most powerful weapon there is against words: Silencing our Words with violence, clever legislation and lawsuits, intimidation, threats, false accusations, mass media, and story makers, or TelePrompTers. 

Let us not loose this ideological battle and wars. Let us no be drawn into the corner, to that place where talking against Islam will be consider a crime of discrimination. 

Be careful, they lie like sheep killing dogs.

Never give up your right to believe in an ideology and to debate with reason your stand. Let us learn to defend ideologically and with words those things we believe in. Let us not succumb to their fears and seductions which falsely use the term Political Correctness to avoid the arguments of reason.

Awake! Realize that in the table of dialogue and debate, we can completely obliterate Islam exposing it for what it is. 

Islam is Machismo (male superiority ideology)

Islam is Submission, forbidding freedom of beliefs other than Quran.

Islam censors freedom of speech.

Islam is Political, for it wants to abrogate the Law of the Land of the nations it conquests. 

Islam is Death Culture, Death Penalty for sinners who brake the Laws of the Quran.

Islam is Mental Illness, for only a psychopath thinks that fucking 70 little virgins is the reward of God in Heaven. Think! What kind of a psychopath can enjoy raping 70 little virgins, or would want that for 70 little girls?

I know it sounds surreal, but Islam teaches that, and it clearly states that the last words of the Quran, where the toxic stuff is at, supersede the nice verses.

Let us pray for all Muslims so that they may be delivered from that toxic neurolinguistic brainwashing that the horrendous book, the Quran, has given them. 

Freedom of Speech is important, very important. It's our last line of defense. They should not have a right to kill us, or censor us, for our Catholic and Jewish faith. No one should be given that right!

The Visigoth Knight 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Resistance is futile...

Terms of surrender are easy:

Depose all weapons and threats; ask for forgiveness; restore all material and immaterial damages you have caused.

Those are the items on the table for the agenda, if you want to come to my table and dine with me.

It's simple, just as simple as what Israel is asking. 

Given that you have proven in prior occasions that you do not honor your agreements, we need insurance.

It's very simple!

We do not tolerate persecution of religion. We have a right to believe and say the truth, whether it hurts, or not.

We are citizens of the Year 2017, which is the Birthday of Christ. Separation of Church and State does not give employees of the State, the right to persecute those that proclaim 2017 as the Birth of our Jewish God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's it!

I have a Constitutional right to practice my faith, and unless the State changes the year to other than 2017, I consider this Land to be under Christian jurisdiction, as per the Establishment of the Kingdom of the Messiah on Earth two millennia ago. 

That is my faith!

I'm Catholic

I also believe that Mohamed is the False Prophet kingdom. Their goal is to bring everybody to the House of Submission (Islam); by means compulsory. I believe they want to change the Year the world lives in to the Year of Mohamed, currently 1494. I believe they want to change the times, as the prophecy told us. 

I believe God will help us and many of them will convert; as we are persecuted (as it has happened since Mohamed staring making war against Christians and Jews for over 1300 years. 

That is my faith. I love Muslims, but I know they are victims of neuro-linguistic programming by a very toxic book, culpable of creating that which was Prophetized in the Book of Revelation 500 years before Mohamed was born. 

I don't believe in TV. I consider it the Image of the Beast, a neurolinguistic weapon made to subdue population.

I don't believe in money, and since 1973, it belongs to the feet of the Statue of Nabuchedenessar, to the Beast of Seven Heads, OPEC, and the Seven Sisters, or Oil Conglomerates and its mother Nations, 7 Islamic Kingdoms. Hence, Petrodollar equates in my mind to the Mark of the Beast.

I believe God takes care of all my needs as long as I Seek for the Kingdom of God. So, yes, you can say it as I do: God is paying for my stay in this planet, and in the New Earth as well. 

I don't believe in TV. I don't believe in Money. I believe in the Word of God, aka the Logos, aka Jesus Christ made flesh, aka The Eucharist. He is my God, the Eucharist, so humble and willing to be beaten, persecuted, crucified, scorned, betrayed, yet never loosing his Dignity, because He is in a Mission of obedience to God, the Lamb of God, the Resurection and the Life.

I believe his Most Precious and Holy blood payed for our sins in the Cross. I do not believe in stoning women to death because of Adultery, unless you are spotless. I believe that judgment belongs only to Jesus Christ, and I believe he forgave her; as he does with all of us. I believe in Jesus, my very own personal friends, the wisperer, the human like being made of Living Waters.